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If you ride, are you saving all that you can on your motorcycle coverage?

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There are many factors that can influence your motorcycle insurance premium. Besides being a safe driver, paying in full, or bundling with your auto, here are some other options to help keep your insurance premium lower.  

  • If you ride only on the occasional sunny weekend, ask about discounts for part-time or occasional driver discounts. You might also ask about lowering the coverage to save cost if you don’t ride in the winter at all. 
  • Another way to save money in the long run is to make sure your motorcycle accessories are properly covered before you hit the open road this season. If you have customized your bike, making sure the accessories have proper coverage can save big money in the event of an accident. Factory installed original parts are already covered by Comprehensive and Collision policies (up to $3,000). However, with Custom Parts & Equipment Accessory coverage, you get the additional coverage for a wide array of accessories and aftermarket parts, up to $30,000 in extra coverage. 
  • Roadside assistance is a valuable long-term cost saving add-on, as well. You can get help on the spot or a tow to the nearest qualified repair shop as part of your coverage where you might otherwise have to pay the bill out of pocket. 

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